Meet your First Year Peer Coaches

First Year Peer Coaches

First Year Peer Coaches Connect:

♦ you with resources; by sharing experiences

♦ you with campus technologies; to keep you engaged with the campus

 with you; to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of your first year

Team Connected

Team Connected consists of three incredible members, Zee, Claudia, and Jennifer. In this group, we have an international athlete, two first-generation bilingual students, and a STEM major. We are a diverse group of students and we understand the struggle of school.  Just like our name suggests, we connect you with resources, campus technologies, and help you achieve your goals and get the most of your first year. Reach out and get connected with us today, even if it is just to stop by and get to know us. At Team Connected, we get you connected, and we stay connected!  

Team Greatness

Team Greatness is made up of two team members, Burnice and Maty. Our team name says it all; we want our students to have great success with their educational goals. If you ever find yourself confused about the college process or if you simply want to learn college hacks, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. Our number one goal is to empower and support our first-year students so that you can achieve greatness and have a positive college experience. Your success is our greatest priority! Stop by today!  

Team United

Team United, unlike the airline, we are reliable, compassionate, and hilarious. Although we do not always hand out concessions, we will make reaching your goals a smoother trip. Life can be turbulent at times and we are here to help you through guidance, motivation, and empowerment. Our lovely flight attendants, oh wait, I mean, team members are Bibi, Vicente, and Miranda. We are students, so we understand how difficult being a college student can be. We strongly believe that unity and the feeling of belonging are essential to mental, physical, and academic wellbeing. Our team is here to make you feel united because together we stand stronger.

Team Welcomed

Welcome to Santa Rosa Junior College! As a first-year student, college can be overwhelming and stressful. Fear no more about the uncertainties and fears you may have about college; Team Welcome is here to greet you with open arms! Our team consists of three first-year peer coaches, Cesar, Lupita, and Tristan; we are all first-generation students that aspire to make your first year here at the JC a warm and welcoming year! With our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we will pave a path towards your success. College is intimidating because it may feel like you’re alone on this journey. It’s always beneficial to have a first-year peer coach by your side to guide you through the obstacles that you’ll inevitably face. Come to the Welcome and Connect Center and we’ll help you become the best student you can be!