Refer Students to a Coach

counselor with a student
Make a referral:

If you know a student who would benefit from any of the Welcome & Connect Center services please refer them!

What you should know:
  • When a referral is made, we will reach out to the student by various methods in an attempt to make a connection.
  • A First Year Peer Coach will discuss the services we offer, provide peer coaching, and connect them to additional resources
  • We will keep you apprised of the progress of the referral, letting you know if a First Year Peer Coach connects, and the general outcome.
What if I don’t know if my student is a first year student, or continuing?
  • When we receive a list of students as a referral,  we make the connection with them. If after our initial conversation we learn they are a continuing student, we connect them to the Student Success Coaches (housed in the Intercultural Center) for continued coaching services just as we would with any other campus resource.
Who do I contact to make the referral?
  • All referrals should be made through Welcome & Connect Center leads as they will be delegated to the appropriate First Year Peer Coach Team: