Spring Back into Action

students with arms around each others shoulders

Spring Back Into Action

We want to see you succeed in the upcoming spring semester. We know you may have run into difficulty with your courses, and we are here to help. The key to success is to keep going, despite setbacks. That is how many of us have succeeded in college, but you cannot do the same things and expect different results. You need a new set of strategies along with a network of support. This time is set aside to connect you with this support. 

Join SRJC faculty, staff and your peers for Spring Back into Action during one of the dates listed below. In partnership we will reflect, reset, restore, and rebuild your community of support.

In addition to getting math and English support strategies from faculty and peers, attendees will be introduced to academic resources, and meet one on one with campus allies and advocates. If you have not yet reenrolled in math and/or English, Counselors will be in attendance to support you with adjusting your spring schedule. 

Students who attend this event are also entered into a drawing for a pair of Apple Airpods.

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Do you have questions? Reach out to your Student Success Coach to learn more.

Please join us :

  • Zoom: Zoom Spring Back into Action 6/14 at 12pm-1:30pm at this zoom link: https://santarosa-edu.zoom.us/j/89795971167