Virtual Resource Fair: Second Chance Program & Club

Welcome to the Second Chance Program & Club!

Second Chance provides resources and a caring and supportive community for formerly incarcerated students. Whether you were impacted by the carceral system as a youth or adult, you will find a home in Second Chance. We meet weekly (masks required) in the MESA Center conference room on the 3rd floor of the Bertolini Student Center to check in and connect with each other on the challenges of re-starting school, overcoming substance abuse, and dealing with life issues like housing, employment, family, etc. Second Chance provides grants, expungement coaching, and has a dedicated SRJC counselor to help you with academic planning and referral to resources on and off-campus. We also have scholarships, refurbished I-phones, and school supplies for those who need them.

Our motto is Education Not Incarceration. We know that with genuine non-judgmental help and support, those who have experienced incarceration can open a new chapter of their lives via education and turn their lives around in a positive direction.

Second Chance is now the largest student club on campus. We always welcome new members.