Virtual Resource Fair: Our House

Welcome to Our House!

Our House is your house! Nuestra casa es su casa!

Our House is the nickname for SRJC Petaluma’s Intercultural Center. Think of it as the “living room” of Petaluma Campus. We’ve got comfy furniture to lounge on, and it’s a great place to study, hold club meetings, and make new friends—even if you’re shy! Our staff are here to help you thrive in your studies and in your life. It’s where you’ll find equity programs like EOPS, the Dream Center, and 10,000 Degrees. It’s also the spot for exciting cultural events. Spoken-word poets, social-justice activists, and eclectic artists share their work in Our House all the time.

Even during the campus closure, Our House will hold space for community and consciousness raising events. Check out our website by going to the website and typing “Our House” into the search box. Come through!