Users should not expect this app to be moderated by SRJC staff 24/7. Further, you acknowledge and agree to the built-in moderation features for the Campus Wall in MySRJCApp.  The built-in moderation features allow MySRJCApp users to flag posts or images that they considered inappropriate. Any post that receives four flags is automatically removed from the campus wall to be reviewed by SRJC Staff who will approve, move, or delete the post.

For questions about moderation and the Terms of Service, please contact Michelle Vidaurri, Director of Student Engagement & Support Services, SRJC Petaluma

The MySRJCApp allows you to choose your preferred campus. Each Campus Wall is managed by the below SRJC Staff.

Petaluma Campus MySRJCApp Moderators 

Matthew Long

Denise Cooper

Michelle Vidaurri

Santa Rosa Campus MySRJCApp Moderators

Zack Miranda

Kyle Wallstrum

Genevieve Bertone